Longwood Elastomers

Custom Engineered Elastomeric Solutions

D-Shaped & Wing-Type Fenders

D-Shaped and Wing-Type fenders offer the high energy absorption required for tugs, barges and other service vessels. Their cross sections are designed for solid mounting and complete coverage.




Longwood manufactures D-Series fenders with either a cylindrical or a “D” shaped bore to provide for varying mounting requirements. Designed for use on tugs and barges, they offer long term durability for applications where repeated compression cycles are encountered in pushing service. They also offer the excellent physical characteristics needed to handle the high loading which occurs both on initial contact, and throughout the service cycle.


Wing Type

Wing Type fenders are designed for vessel mounting. They combine the impressive energy absorption capabilities of a cylindrical design with the convenience of wing mounting. They are available from 3” to 12” O.D. to tailor the protection to the vessel’s size and purpose: from pleasure craft through pilot boats, heavy tugs, barges and ferries.


D-Shaped and Wing Type Marine Fenders


ISO9001 2015