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Trapezoidal Fenders

Used with or without timber facing where the dock structure or the vessel is unable to withstand large reaction loads. Longwood's trapezoidal design is engineered to use rubber's natural elasticity more efficiently. Thus, a smaller section will absorb a greater impact when compared to other cross sections.

Longwood trapezoidal dock fenders have high energy absorption and low reaction load transmission characteristics similar to V-Series fenders. However, the engineering of the trapezoidal base results in a smoother loading curve and more uniform deceleration. This produces an efficiency which allows a smaller section of trapezoidal fender to absorb a greater amount of impact than other cross sections.

Two types of trapezoidal fender are available to offer installation and design flexibility. The “R-Series” is designed for mounting directly to open faced structures using a steel bar through the bore. They may also be used behind, or on the face of, conventional timbering. A “W-Series” trapezoidal fender is extruded with wings which can incorporate an optional external mounting groove. They are installed with metal mounting bars.


Trapezoidal Marine Fenders


ISO9001 2015